About Me


I started scrapbooking and cardmaking over 10 years ago. My family was stationed in England and I needed to feel connected to family and friends back home. I enjoy the creative process and working with my hands. 

I take time to craft and read every single day. I can't imagine not being creative and feeding my soul. 

I also love digital photography, am crazy about paper, addicted to organization of all kinds and I can honestly say I am nuts about planners. Oh yeah, I can't forget that I am obsessed with Hedgehogs and Gnomes! Whilst crafting I listen to books on CD so I can enjoy a good story AND crafting at the same time!

I live with my son and a very supportive husband in the upper Midwest. Our house is ruled by one happy little English Cocker Spaniel named Holly Monster. 

If I am not crafting, I am usually reading, re-organizing, baking, gardening, taking photos, digitally creating or just hanging out with my son and dog. Life is good.