Jun 21, 2014
Happy Saturday! 
Today is my inspiration day at Really Reasonable Ribbon and it's a tutorial.
Here is my project.
It's a ribbon pinwheel card. All my ribbon.
 Here's the recipe...


For my ribbon pinwheels I used larger ribbons, this makes the process a lot easier.

I cut a square out of my ribbon, making the square even by cutting the exact size length and width. Do this by measuring how wide your ribbon is then cut for a perfect sized square. 

Be careful when handling the ribbon as the edges will fray. If you have a way to seal up the edges you can do that. Some people melt the edges with a lighter and some use fray stop. 

Mark the center of your square with a dot.

Cut in from each corner about half way to the center.

Add a glue dot to center.

Take each edge and fold down toward the center and press into glue dot. 

You are done!

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