Craft Spaces for the Card Making Mamas!

Jan 31, 2014
Happy Friday!
Today over at CMM, you will be able to take a peek into the creative
spaces of the Design Team.

I am going to admit that I cleaned up my space for the photos but
it needed to be done. Sometimes it looks like a tornado went thru.
 I scored a couple of great organizing pieces as I stopped by
Archivers and made a few purchases of some fixtures. 
I am a really messy crafter and am constantly shifting my
stash around. Paper is everywhere and I never leave without glitter on myself.

We  have only lived in our home for a year so I feel like I am still
settling in and moving things around for a better work flow. I may
change a few things every month or so but I think I like how it is now.
Thanks for stopping by and don't be fooled by the photo, my 
studio is messy again, just the way I like it!