A Daisy of a day!

Feb 3, 2011
Well since my garage door is iced closed, my mail box plowed crooked and broken and school closed this week I HAD to get into my craft room and craft away the stress. Everything happens when my husband is deployed, LOL!

Ok, so I found another cute floral stamp and this is my first attempt at daisys.

I have never used yellow before so I thought I would start out small with flowers and paper. It isn't my favorite color but in small doses I quite like it!  I found all the pearls in the flower centers at Michaels in the dollar bins. I was SO excited, 20 pearls for a dollar.  I just purchased this Tilda stamp so I am still figuring out which colors I like to dress her up in.  She's pretty cute!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all aren't iced, snowed or rained in!